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Direnzo Ground-Mount System is Finished!

And at long last, there it is! The massive 18kW Reverse Rack Ground Mount has passed The City of Poway’s final inspection. All we need now is PTO “Permission To Operate” from SDG&E and then we fire this bad boy up and produce POWER! This ground-mount system uses #LG FOR LIFE solar panels which arrive […]

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Ground-Mount System Update

The Direnzo Family Ground Mount System that we posted about a couple weeks ago has been progressing nicely. Last week we poured the cement that secures the Ground Mount Racking system from ProSolar. This week we’ve installed the ProSolar racking system, and we’re in the process of running wires now. Next up we’ll be installing […]

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Electrical Service Update

Installing Solar Panels requires a lot more than simply bolting some panels on the roof and running a few wires. It takes a lot of heavy equipment and know-how to change the electrical service setup – and that’s just one of the steps involved with a Solar Panel Installation. This tricky and important work ensures […]

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