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Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2 is an aircraft on a mission — to circumnavigate the globe using nothing but the power of the sun. The journey is being undertaken in multiple legs, and it kicked off several months ago. The plane was to make the most daring part of the trip over the weekend, but the flight […]

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Solar Tax Credits Expire Soon!

The 30% tax credits for solar system purchasing is scheduled to expire. This means countless people will miss out on the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on a solar system purchase. As the public realizes this great benefit that will soon be gone in 2016, every solar power contractor will have a heavy back […]

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Get ready for enormous rate hikes, SDG&E customers!

On Wednesday morning, I heard from an official with a car dealers’ group that the California Air Resources Board had just put out for comment some pretty far-out new rules on tire inflation. The tip was spot on. The air board, incredibly enough, wanted to criminalize having underinflated tires. Read more…

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