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Why Choose Solar West Electric?

Solar West Electric has a proven track record in your area. We require our solar installers to be certified electricians and licensed. This ensures that your custom installation fits your needs and budget.

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Our experienced advisors will recommend a solar solution that is right for you. Solar West Electric only uses the best in solar products to ensure your solar solution maximizes your home’s energy production. Our products are also backed by industry leading warranties to ensure you benefit for years to come.

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Our solar advisors will recommend the appropriate solar solution that fits your energy goals and budget. Our different payment options and competitive pricing make solar more affordable than ever. We offer leasing and financing options with no money down or money out of pocket. Call one of our solar advisors today and find out why Solar West Electric is one of the best in the solar industry.

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Dependable energy straight from the sun. Energy is produced even on cloudy days. Now it’s guaranteed for 25 years with our warranty.

Added Property Value

Increase your property value and cut your electric costs at the same time. The National Appraisers Society estimates that on average every dollar eliminated from your operating cost increases the value of your home by $20.

Protection From Rate Increases

You never have to worry about energy rate increases. SDG&E raised their rates, on average, 7% to 12% every year. A solar system from Solar West Electric will protect you from these increases.

Return On Investment

The average ROI is typically 20-25%. The system practically pays for itself.


Save money from day one with no out-of-pocket costs with your installation.

Helping the Environment

Today 60% of the energy produced comes from coal. Protect the environment and ensure your family’s future by reducing your carbon footprint.

Tax Credits

Take advantage of the current tax benefits, which are set to expire.
How much energy can your roof produce?
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